Recording Promotion to Radio

Seven weeks at #1 on NACC Folk Chart October to December 2020

Art Menius Radio offers a one-stop solution for digital and CD album promotion, mailing, and printed material at excellent rates. Those interested in mailing and printing services only should go to

Art Menius Radio focuses promotion on folk radio with particular attention given to the FAI Folk Chart (formerly folkdj) and NACC folk charts with occasional placements on the Roots Music Report and Bluegrass Unlimited National Survey.

We enjoyed, despite all the challenges of 2021, a remarkable year that included:

FAI Album Chart

1 #1
3 #2
13 Top 8
24 Top 25
30 albums charted including all CDs

FAI Song Chart

1 #1
2 #2
9 Top 5
13 Top 10
30 songs charted

NACC Folk Chart

1 #1
4 Top 4
10 Top 20
15 projects charted
3 releases in top 31 of 2021

NACC Folk Adds

10 #1 adds
25 Top 5 adds

Bluegrass Today Weekly Chart

#1 release of 2021 – Irene Kelley “Wild Mountain Stream”
1 #1
2 Top ten
4 songs charted

Art Menius Radio delivers promotion solutions that:

  • Are flexible in price and scope and customized for each client across a broad range of services, genre, geographic area, and budgets, adjusting duration and number of CDs to fit the latter.
  • Provide one-stop solutions including not just promotion but printing, mailing, downloads, streaming, and lots more. The Standard and above CD packages include printing and mailing.
  • Focus on The Folk Chart and NACC Folk Chart, but digital (occasional CD) service provided across diverse folk and roots genre and charts with a goal of maximizing total airplay.
  • Use my massive databases of more than 1000 programmers (maintained since 1984), 1000 programmer email addresses, and 20,000 plays, serving 1000 hosts twice weekly by email.
  • Offered in DIY versions for those on a limited budget.

Fees range from $250 for a digital single to a high end, an all-inclusive $3100.

While each package is customized for the client, you can find suggestive packages and details of services provided by downloading

#1 album on FAI Folk Chart January and February 2020
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